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Originally Posted by mustang9584
Should I get the performance camshaft and the roller rockers from them? What kind of gains would i be getting with both? And what is the difference between the billet cam and the other one?
If you decide to change your cam, don't swap your roller rockers to 1.8s, you need to have them selected for the cam you choose.

The amount of horsepower from a cam is going to go to intended use, what else you've done to the car in the way of porting, etc. The cam swap can get you as much as 25-30 hp or as little as 10-15.

RPM-Mustangs provides quality work and parts for really good prices. Sometimes they can get backlogged, but by all means give him a call.

I'd recommend calling competition cams (since they're toll free) and discussing cam selection with them.

Morana is probably putting together the most powerful engines -he's up to 500 rwhp. But it will probably not make a good daily driven vehicle.

Supersix motorsports www.supersixmotorsports is another place to look at, but they tend to get pricey -but they do hold the record for the quickest v6 mustang, or at least they did. But they field a car of their own, and the rest really don't. So you're paying for their racing program.

The others build engines and can't control the chassis they go in. So they have a lot of powerful engines sitting in chassis' that can't put the power to the ground.

Chassis setup is always THE MOST important thing in racing of ANY kind. Which is why you should invest in your chassis FIRST, power foundations SECOND and Engine THIRD.

If you have your chassis sorted, you can beat cars with a LOT more power, because their power is going into twisting the chassis, uneven power distribution, compensatory steering, etc. If the chassis is out of control, you can never keep the throttle planted.

That's how you'd see little 5.0L cars beating the daylights out of 454-455 ci monsters. It was chassis setup and engineering superiority

billet cams are made of harder material and last longer.

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