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Originally Posted by Venom810
ok so i got duals , sway bar , just ordered ud and alternator pullies , getting a cai within the month (any out there better then the K&N ?), getting new wires and plugs. so i was thinking about throwing some short headers on but i was wondering would it be worth it ? or should i save that money and put it into a port and polish job ? whats the benifits of a port and polish ? and where can i get the intakes at ?
The Short headers really wont do much for you... the Stock ford ones are not that bad... Port and polish is really two parts the port is allowing more Cubic feet per minute to be flowed into the engine... and polish is just smothing the surface on which the air flows.... thats about all i know.... it should give an increase in power... and torque...but it gives potential for alot more...

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