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Installed yesterday and this setup is plenty for anyone not trying to blow up the block. Music range is great, especially the highs, and the Pioneer sub is great. However, I did have to make the opening in the sub box bigger because that sub was a bit larger than most 10" subs. A Dremmel tool made quick work of the MDF, though. Also, be sure to use Dynamat or an equivalent...if you don't, you most certainly will get vibration in the read deck area.

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Quick update to this post. I ended up installing a 4 channel ground loop isolator to quell some slight engine whine/feedback that I was hearing. Found one on eBay for like $15 or so, and ran the front/rear speaker RCA lines into it. The only other thing left that I have to figure out is how to stop the popping noise that comes from the speakers when I turn the car off. From what I gather, that popping noise happens because the head unit turns off faster than the amplifier does. Any suggestions?

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