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Ok here's my situation... I'm 17, and have two years of college paid for (scholarship) but have to stay home my first 2 years at a local college. So I'm going to have the car my senior year, and two years after that for sure. Thing is, I can't get anything with a v8 becuase of insurance, thats why I want to fix this car up instead of saving money for a new car. It also only has 26,000 miles on it. So I will definitely have the car another three years.

Once again, I'm only 17, so you can imagine the budget that I'm on. Basically I make about $150 a week, (take some gas money out of that), and have to write my dad a check for $170 a month for insurance.

So with minimal spending I bring in about $400 a month (ha pathetic I know).
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