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Originally Posted by Blade10
Well - I figure that whoever drove the demo car cant do anything to it I wouldnt - so I wouldnt be afraid of it. Another way of thinking is that all the "bugs"| have been worked out of it since it has been driven a bit. On the flip side, who knows if the break-in was done properly (unlikely) and that may effect the longevity of the engine.

Just my .02.

A few points I though of are

- Think of all the people who cant drive standard who drove it
-Think the idiot teenagers who probably dropped the clutch from 5000RPM or were slamming gears in it.
-Who knows if the dealership changed the oil at 5K [it has 12000KM on it now]

The one that worried me most was the people who cant drive standard..they could **** up the tranny, right? and I am definetly going to have this car for a while, so how long the drivetrain lasts is very important.
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