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Okay, success!!!! I just installed the shifter. It feels pretty good. The whole job took about 45 minutes or so. The instructions did not come with the package, but there was an article in Modified Mustangs in the Feb/March edition that had all the info needed to install. It helped out alot. A couple pointers: I used a pry bar to take off the old shifter after taking out the bolts. You don't need that much pressure. Doing it by hand is difficult. The bolts for the actual shifter handle were a little funky, but I used alternating bolts to tighten it down. What I mean is, that each section of the handle I used the allen bolt and the threaded bolt with 2 nuts on each end. Not sure if that was the way it was meant to be, but it worked. Now the shifter nob feels different, so it's off to the parts store to get a new one. Hope this helps, Tom

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