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Originally Posted by stlwagon
Agree... Am I reading correctly-- is it $12,000 or 12,000 miles??? A demo shouldn't be too bad. And I doubt if all those miles are just from demos. Sounds more like a dealer rep car or a salesman drove it for awhile.

12000 Kilometers so like.. uhh.. 7500 miles? and it's an '05 [he originally told me it was an 06] so that could be why it has that many mile's on it. The thing I did notice though, is the deal isint nearly as good as he made it out to be. The car MSRP is 39,000$ now he is like, I can get it to you for about 34,000$ [which is actually more than he said before]. When I pointed out the ford family pricing thing they have in Canada, and that it was infact an '05 and not an '06, AND the fact that the car beside it was CHEAPER than what he offered me ['06 black coupe GT, 5-speed standard]. He pretty much didn't want to "deal" anymore. So I started asking another salesman what the best price he could do for me on the '06 was, and he was like "I could knock it down to about 30,000-ish$ we were told get rid of them all before the '07s come in" and the other guy flipped.. so the new sales guy handed me the keys to test drive it...and the other guy, who had tried to ripped me off grabbed the keys.. and went on this thing about how Ford doesnt let people under 25 testdrive Mustang's, and blah blah.. and stormed off.. meanwhile, when I got there.. he was just coming back off a testdrive with a girl who looked about my age [19-20], in a V8 GT. Anyways so I'm either going to find a new dealer or whatnot.. Why would I buy a car I cant test drive?
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