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Originally Posted by Godlik3
My ride: 98 v6, true dual flowmasters...

I was out almost all day today and got destroyed by almost everything on the street (sports cars). Basically, what I've reliazed is that the v6 mustang is the slowest sports car. I was killed by a prelude, eclipse (prolly modded) 2 v6 camros and every gt/z28 that I rode up on. Oh yea, I was taking my girl home about 5 minutes ago and I went past a GT (through a light) going about 40, I hit the gas and that GT (03'ish...) still caught up/past me.

What I'm saying is, unless you have the money to buy a twin turbo or supercharger, the v6 is not made for driving fast... plus if I could afford a supercharger wouldn't I have a GT?

I'm really considering dropping plan A ( a v6 that can run with GTs) and going to plan B (going all out on looks/system).
well for one thing you only have around 140 horses , another you need mods !! and if you would of had a 99 and up the prelude and eclipse woulda ate dust.. i had a eclipse gt v6 and compared to my mustangs that thing is so weak, sure its quick off the line but when the line is behind you theres no power to push it.. duals aint gonna make a 98 fast , plus how much wieght do you got in there ? subs / spare / amp / your girl ? lol gotta ad that stuff up

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