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Originally Posted by Godlik3
My ride: 98 v6, true dual flowmasters...

I was out almost all day today and got destroyed by almost everything on the street (sports cars). Basically, what I've reliazed is that the v6 mustang is the slowest sports car. I was killed by a prelude, eclipse (prolly modded) 2 v6 camros and every gt/z28 that I rode up on. Oh yea, I was taking my girl home about 5 minutes ago and I went past a GT (through a light) going about 40, I hit the gas and that GT (03'ish...) still caught up/past me.

What I'm saying is, unless you have the money to buy a twin turbo or supercharger, the v6 is not made for driving fast... plus if I could afford a supercharger wouldn't I have a GT?

I'm really considering dropping plan A ( a v6 that can run with GTs) and going to plan B (going all out on looks/system).
the 96-8 GTs have the same problem.

It doesn't take all that much money to be able to run with the Sport Compacts you mentioned. and it won't take much to run with GTs from your era, Running with 99+ GTs will take a little more effort, and the fastest way is with a power adder, but the same goes for the rest of the sub compacts.

That's why you have to have goals.

the prelude had at the most 170 hp. you only need 30 hp to beat them. a head & intake swap will do that and then some.

same goes for the Eclips GT, so those goals are easy.

the 94-98GTs have 215hp and more weght. you can go two routes from the above -swap in a 4.2L short block -and you're there. those short blocks generally run 75-200 dollars -no big deal.

now is where the hard part comes in, and you're going to have to make a decision.

do you want to go after the 99+ GTs. that's a bigger challenge, and doing it naturally aspirated will be more difficult, and there aren't as many ways of getting there without running into money. you're going to need a port and polish of both heads and intakes, along with a pretty racy cam, etc.

now if your GOAL is to beat the 99+ GTs you need to build your foundation 1st.

If your goal is to beat the imports 1st, then you can forget about the foundation, because you aren't talking about that much more power.

Does this make any sense?

If your goal is to beat accords and eclipses, then go with underdrivers, CAI, and y-exhaust. and pick up an intake manifold spacer, and you're almost there. pick up some 1.8 Roller Rockers, and you should have that goal.

but if you're going after 99+ GTs, then you're going to have to throw a lot of that stuff away in the end.

So what do you want to do?

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