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Honestly, once I'm off to college (like actaully away not my first 2 years at a junior college) im going 2 sell the v6 and get a z28. So I'll be driving this thing for 3 years max. I think the wise choice would to be basic bolt ons to beat imports, and then some on the looks?

50% perfomance/50% Looks, and I dont want to invest more then 2k

So what would you recommand...
- New CAI first?
- Or save up for new gears?
- Get the headers?

Oh yes and what your saying makes perfect since. My problem is i'm to young 2 get a real job (so s/c and turbos are out of the question).

Oh yea, the 4.2 swap, how would that work? Just go to a shop, rip mine out and stick that one in for $200? Wouldn't I need new brakes and everything? Why not just get a v8 put in? I don't know anything about engine swaps...

And then again, by the time I put in $200 for gears, $300 for a programmer, $300 for headers, $300 for CAI, plus the $350 that I just spent on my exhaust... thats roughly $1,500. Hell, thats enough for a S/C.

I dont know, I'm just being a ***** I guess lol, i have no idea where to go from here.
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