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Originally Posted by Godlik3
Honestly, once I'm off to college (like actaully away not my first 2 years at a junior college) im going 2 sell the v6 and get a z28. So I'll be driving this thing for 3 years max. I think the wise choice would to be basic bolt ons to beat imports, and then some on the looks?

50% perfomance/50% Looks, and I dont want to invest more then 2k

So what would you recommand...
- New CAI first?
- Or save up for new gears?
- Get the headers?

Oh yes and what your saying makes perfect since. My problem is i'm to young 2 get a real job (so s/c and turbos are out of the question).

Oh yea, the 4.2 swap, how would that work? Just go to a shop, rip mine out and stick that one in for $200? Wouldn't I need new brakes and everything? Why not just get a v8 put in? I don't know anything about engine swaps...

And then again, by the time I put in $200 for gears, $300 for a programmer, $300 for headers, $300 for CAI, plus the $350 that I just spent on my exhaust... thats roughly $1,500. Hell, thats enough for a S/C.

I dont know, I'm just being a ***** I guess lol, i have no idea where to go from here.
You don't need headers unless you're pushing 250 hp at the wheels. The BEST CAI sells for 165.00 and you don't really need gears. If you've got 255-260 ft/lbs of torque (Which is what the baseline is on a 4.2L), 3.27s or better would be nice (and you can find THOSE cheap on e-bay -the 3.27s anyway) but if you're on a budget it's not necessary.

the 4.2L block is exactly the same. You don't need brakes etc, because it's the same weight as what you've got -there's no difference. The only difference is the stroke from the crank.

And that's why it's cheaper to simply exchange the block to increase your displacement. Everything else will bolt up. But I wouldn't recommend using your 98 heads because they're restrictive (just like the 94-8 GTs). If you're on a budget, run to the salvage yard find a cheap 4.2L in good condition they're like 300 dollars or so, pick up a 99-01 intake manifold, sell the 4.2L manifold and pick up a programmer. you'll pick up 60+ hp, 35-45 ft /bs of torque for 6-800 dollars + installation, depending on how much of the work you do yourself. You can disconnect all the fittings & electronics, have them drop the engine in, and you can take care of the rest of the installation.

Then you're a cam away from being competitive with the GTs, and you won't have to worry about the Sport Compacts.

A v8 swap requires a new computer rewiring, brakes, suspension, rear end etc. it all comes to $4000 or so + the cost of the engine.

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