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This was my question follwed by his answer (by e-mail...)

Hey, I was wondering about your Proboost chip. I own a 98 v6 mustang. Will it work for me. Also, most performance chips run for around $300. I'm not saying its not legit, just questionable.

Also, I just got my mustang, and have just begin modding it. So I know little about cars... would I need to get it professionally installed? Are the instructions easy enough to where I could get a more car literate friend to install it for me?

His answer...

it's easy to install, you can do it yourself. This chip will work great.

The Proboost chip modifys your ecu's air/fuel ratio to create more horsepower by way of your iat (intake air temperature) sensor, where it plugs in. It will work, so long as you have fuel injection. You may see to up 20HP-40HP, most see 10-15 however, you will definitely feel a boost.
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