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Originally Posted by mustang9584
I dont really know too much about this stuff either, because I just started getting into it... but I wouldn't trust it. I would stick with a flasher or chip from diablosport or someone similar.
DONT BUY IT.... It will harm your engine... First of all, all it is a resistor... you could buy one at Radio Shack.... All that it does is make the car "Think" the air coming into the engine is cooler... But since it really is not, It will hurt your engine....WHAT EVER YOU DO DONT INSTALL THIS!!!!! If you look at this "chip" all it is a resistor... no computer... the Box is just made to think its something more... If you want to get something... then buy a Flash Tuner or a real chip... from like Superchips... or Diabo Sport.... They have real Fuel maps... so they wont hurt your engine.... Plus you will be able to change alot of things like top speed... Gear Ratios... EXC...

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