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Posts: 99 are probably right....from what i was told is that if you want to replace the stock cassette/cd player with an aftermarket cd player you have to bypass the factory amp with a special plug in harness....that is what i have done.........what does this due........are all 3 amps still powering my system?

I just dont understand how when i move around the black plug in the right side trunk amp that the speaker noise disappears......its almost like plugging an electric guitar into an amp.....that scratchy, buzzy noise it makes and then the noise is gone....should i just replace that amp or check the ground? How do i know where the ground would be connected to?

As far as the front speakers fading in and out intermittently what does that sound like? Its like i will have highs coming out for 10 minutes than they will disappear for 5-10 minutes then come back.....well there is no exact time it cuts out for but i dont think the speakers are blown.
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