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Originally Posted by mustangnewbie
It's not going to be a track queen, it'll be a driver. with what and how do you suggest i do those things, and wwher can i find them please be specific.
If you know you're going to use a power adder

1) brace the chassis -subframe connectors, and if you're going to keep the stick axle, get a girdle for your rear, get a detriot locker, & torque box bracing and a sway bar -for better traction you should pick up better upper and lower control arms. .

2) If you're going turbo (more efficient, but most turbo shops aren't in business for very long) don't worry abot intake or headers, but do throw on 2.25" or 2.5" dual exhaust and a larger throttle body and MAF.

3) If you're going SC then pick up headers, exhaust, Throttle Body, MAF.

4) I fyou're going N20, then go ahead and pick up a full length CAI, (Demolet's have a large volume and are great) throttlebody MAF, headers, exhaust, etc.

5) for SC and turbo, you'll need a good street cam, for N2O you'll probably want a mild race cam.

6) you "should" do head and intake porting and polishing.

Thats the minimum you should do for prep work.

You should end up with 385-450 hp. that much power cn twist your frame, ruin your torque boxes, and blow out a stock rear differential so you definitely want to put in some preventative work before you have to try to rebuild broken control arm attachments, straightening frames, or unbalancing your driveshaft, ruining u-joints, and looking for a rear diff in th emiddle of nowhere.

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