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Originally Posted by kscoyote
They will both cost you around 4-5,000 dollars, and you can add a few hundred to that if you get a 302 because you have to swap the K-member. And that's assuming you have a donor car with the electronics, computers, wiring, etc.

If you can do the electrical work yourself, you could probably knock 75% off the costs.

And then, assuming you have a run of the mill 302 - you'll only gain 15 hp.

For the money you could have bought a car WITH a v8, including your trade -for less.

Or dropped in a built v6 with 100 more hp. Built sixes generally run 4-5000 dollars, and you don't have to worry about the electronics or the PATS.

Or for that matter you could throw on a supercharger and still have 1-2000 dollars in your pocket.
Just keep the V6... they have alot of power now... plus for what you will spend to drop a V8 into the car... you could make the V6 have more power then the V8... since the V6 is really only 60 HP off of the GT... not really to hard to get it up there...

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