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I put a aftermarket Cobra hood on mine . It didn`t cost that much and makes the car standout . The other benefit to this was the after market hood weighs only a few pounds as compared to the stock heavy thick fiberglass hood . Now if you look around some there are alot of different aftermarket styles to choose from that will give your stang a look all it`s own ! SAve some money and ask if it can your christmas / birthday present too .

I also have the aftermarket headlights . They made a world of difference in the looks of the front end . BY far a much Nicer look than the yellowed out lens that most older mustangs have . I am very happy with mine . Just keep the buying /shipping info in case you would ever have to replace one . That way you can go right back and get the same as before .

Another thing you can do is a image search and see if there is something out there that you really like . Maybe a different stripe kit ( do you have photo shop skills to make a orignial design ? ) , side window or 1/4 vents that Look like what the classics sported , I really like the looks of side exhaust ( ford raceing ) or even something as simple as window tint . Give a look on eBay at times and see whats out there . Just use your mind and go with what you like for in the end that is all that matters . Best of luck and let us know how things goes

I was Punxsy Stang before !
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