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Need a bit of advice...

Over the past couple of months I've been looking for a V6 mustang between 99-04, and last friday I ran accross a 2000 to take in consideration. The car is priced at $6950 and has 72,000 miles on it. So far this seems to be the most competitive price in my area. To the naked eye the car seems pretty clean inside and out... ( Also I've contacted the prior owners and ran a car fax on the side to boot.) Still... to the average buyer like myself with no knowledge of mustangs or the 3.8 in general I'm sure there are a lot of small things to be missed, or for that matter even more serious things.

How well does the 3.8 engine hold up under normal driving conditions? And does the transmission seem pretty reliable in these particular models? These are my biggest concerns. To get to the point are there any serious faults about this car or engine that may not appeal to the naked eye, that I need to know about.....

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