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Originally Posted by kscoyote
could be shocks/springs, hard to say without looking at it.

It's ALWAYS cheaper to upgrade a 10 year old car. The question is, how vested are you in the car, and what you're willing to spend -at ten years old, it has virtually no value according to blue book, so do you want to create something you want? And are you willing to take the risk that no one wlse will want it?
true... yah i mean i just don't know if it would be better at this point to just sell and try and find one iwth better body to start with. then wouldn't really have to worry about paint. but that's obviously hard to find on a 10 year old car. took my car to the mechanics today( a friend of mine) and we looked at the rear again. did some measurements..looks like the right rear is lean'n 1 1/2 inches lower then the left!! and that's after shocks and springs replaced!. we found that the lower control arm on the right was alittle bent upward...also my bud said hte left could have been damaged too and both adding to the problem... figure the previous owner must have slid sideways and hit something cause'n the shift int he rear axle to the left. 1/2 and inch or so. What u guys think u think that could cause the car to actually lean more to one side? we figure there's not much els we can really fix on it and hopefully by the control arms shifting back to center the car weight will balance out? but i mean we won't know till we try i guess.

im still start'n to think of sell'n and get'n a different one tho. ur thoughts?
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