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Originally Posted by Robs1stStang View Post
The car just pulls like a freight train. It is so fast now. will lite up the tires just by thinking about it. and it can definitely get you into lots of trouble. I think I have a lot more respect for my car now. Will update soon. Very driveable under 2000rpm, about 1800 you can feel some boost, then it hits and your gone.
I drove back to Columbus, OH the day Brenspeed installed my Saleen blower. I was almost home and was taking an on ramp at an interchange. I had the stock Pirelli 17s on the car at the time and did exactly as I described in an earlier post. I was doing about 55, dropped the tranny into 3rd manually, mashed the gas and bumped it into Drive.....smoke rolled from the rear tires and I was darn lucky I didn't put it in the ditch.

I would like to say that I'm such a great driver that I kept it out of the ditch....but that would be a lie. I was darn lucky.

When you own cars like ours you either learn a healthy respect the easy way or the hard way. The easy way and hard way usually start out the same way, but the hard way is a lot more expensive when it's over. :hihi:

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'07 GT auto, Stage 3 Saleen Series VI blower @9.5lbs boost. LTs, MAC Boom Tubes, 1pc Driveshaft, Eaton posi.
Brenspeed Installed and Brenspeed Tuned
Best 1/4 mile is 11.42 @ 119. Driven Daily
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