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1st time to the track in the stang, heck 1st time there in almost 5 years, 1st manual trans i ever had with about 1000 miles logged behind the wheel. run 1 was a 15.0 due to traction, second run:

i dump it on the last yellow, reaction time perfect. car spins crazy off the line, i shift it into second, traction is restored and now i am moving, i get overzealous shifting into 3rd and fling it hard into 1st at about 6,000 rpms and i believe close to 80mph!!! the following smilies best describe my emotional state at the time: rear tires, driveline, everything locks the f--- up right there in the middle of the track, the sound of tires screeching to a halt under the new drag that i just created. luckily, i had the sense to realize i screwed up bad, real bad and pushed the clutch in. momentarily regaining my composer, i manage to drop it in into 3rd this time and punch it popping through the traps at a 15.8 i continue straight through down to the turnout, and head my unhappy embarrassed a$$ home to grab a 12 pack and deal with the situation and the possibility that i might have just totally blew out my 1st gear. (drove home floating lights and signs threw second just in case) thankfully, that 3650 really is bulletproof b/c as far as i can tell, she took a hell of hit and kept right on going. thats also when i started looking for a better shifter.... other than that one bad mishap, car has never had any misfortune....yet...knock on stang.....

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