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Another 360 story...

Just had my 06 GT for only two days and I was driving home when a light rain started to fall here in Atlanta. Well as I am approaching Hwy 20 and get on the onramp, you know one of those big circle around deals half moon shaped, I am taking it easy going around it knowing that it is wet and as I am starting to straighten out I give the baby some gas. It did not matter that traction control was on the rear end went right out from under me and I was proceeding down the onramp sideways freaking out with only 100 miles on the car. So of course I over correct and swing myself the opposite direction and am still going sideways down the on ramp. A few more fish tails and I am facing the wrong direction at the end of the onramp, car stalled out and cars coming at me trying to merge. Needless to say it scared the crap out of me and my legs were like butter. Could barely operate the clutch for the 2 mile trip home. Won't ever forget that.
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