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Not really a d'oh moment, but last year here in Dallas it iced over one night. I'm sitting at work and its around 2pm and everyone is getting frantic becuase it went from like 40 something degrees to 30 something within the hour. No biggie, my shift was over at 9. Then 5pm hits and its drizzling outside along with the temp. dropping another 10 degrees. My boss then decides its getting bad and wants to send us home... at 6:30 if no customers show up (I was cashiering at a Toyota service drive... I mean really, who is going to get their oil changed with those conditions out there?).

6:30 rolls around and we're booking. From the time period of 5-6, the view from my window went from normal to all white and gleamy. So, I know there's ice like crazy out there and I have to get home. But, instead, I go to my girlfriend's house because 1) its closer, and 2) less drivers that way (it was against rush hour traffic). I'm hopping on 121N and taking the ramp towards 635 doing about 25 mph or so when I decide I'm going too fast for the upcoming overpass. I let off the gas and barely press in the clutch to shift out of 3rd when my backside starts flying to the right. I start to turn into the spin but the car won't stop. I do a 540 and I end up facing what used to be my 3 oclock in the middle of the offramp.

Yeah, I felt like a deuchebag after that. I look over to my right and see like 20 cars coming up on me. So I threw it into reverse and pulled into the grass (no curb thankfully) and sat until they passed and went about my way doing no more than 20mph the whole way to her house.

Pretty scary sh!t when you cannot control your car. It was my first time driving in icy conditions like that so I think I did well for not crashing. If there was another car near me at the time though, I would've had a wreck.

Luck was on my side.

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