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Originally Posted by Grabber Orange
So you are saying my cup holder has a bottom that comes out?? Is that what you mean when you say false bottom?
Bingo, reach into the the "waist" of the figure 8 shape the two cupholders make. You will feel a little tab. Pull up. It's made of pretty soft rubber.

Mine is totally full of coins now and the false bottom is about to become a false top. Makes it so you can easily fit in the big-honkin' coffees. Even a short coffee scorches my elbow with that tiny little steam-torch hole, as it sits on my mountain of Canadian pennies and fancy quarters.

I like the warning on Jack-In-The-Box coffee.


Kinda makes you feel laughed-at just reading it.

Thank God I am not the lady who scorched the pants off herself and then sued McD's. Incidentally, McDonald's won on the rematch. "POWER TO THE..... well.... CORPORATION!!!" At least they didn't back down.

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