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Hey, on the question of leather vs. cloth...

I was always a fan of cloth, because it's cooler, supposedly, but when I had the chance to get the Mustang, I went all out because, well, it's a Mustang. So I ot the black charcoal leather.

It was no mistake. All I wear is shorts, and I don't stick, I don't slide around, and then of course, if anything spills, it cleans up easily. Just something to consider. The front seats have cloth on the sides, so I think they breathe very well, and never seem to get too hot. Also, the texture is not like typical leather I've seen before, and I don't stick at all. Actually, even compared to all the cloth seats I've had in the past, these are the most comfortable seats I've ever had.

Just my two cents, from a cloth-to-leather convert...
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