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Originally Posted by vantage
Stick a Jesu s fish on the back as well lol..

But seriously, unless you really prefer the look of the V6 over the GT I wouldn't go to all that trouble of making it look like a V6, the GT looks way better imo. To make it look worse just to trick other drivers into racing isn't the brightest idea if you don't like the way it looks.

BTW Pegasus those pics of your Stang in front of the old style gas station are freakin sweet!
Well, friends and family have chuckled at the idea of a V6-looking GT sleeper, but have pursuaded my to continue with the original plan and mod the hell out of the car. I was told since I have the exhaust, 20" wheels and 14" brakes, that I am not likely to fool too many people anyways. I agree, I do like the look of the GT more than the V6. The sleeper idea was just an idea that came to me when I was having problems with my body mods. So it looks like I will be going with the original plan and making one fine and unique GT, yes, a V8 GT!!!!!
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