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Originally Posted by pcfrisch
Aren't you the one who had earlier said that you are giving up on mods and going back to stock?
Not exactly, but close. I was indeed fed up with the problems with the exterior mods. After the fiasco with my ducktail, I wanted to keep only the exterior stock (keeping the performance mods). There is no financially feasible way I would be able to go back to completely stock, for I have way too many performance mods for that to work. Plus I have added things that would be more expensive to return to stock, such as a light bar. So I was going to keep the exterior stock (except the wheels, brakes and exhaust). As such, I had already taken off the ducktail and reinstalled the factory spoiler. I still have a spare unmolested stock front bumper cover, so I was going to remove my aggressive chin spoiler as well. Hence came the idea to make the GT into a dressed up V6...turning it into a "sleeper". Although I received many interesting ideas here on this forum, my friends and family seemed to think otherwise. A close friend of mine reminded me of my original purpose for getting the Mustang and what my plans were. After carefully reviewing what I have spent on my car and what I still want to spend, I decided to chuck the exterior mod problems up as experience, albeit a pricey experience, but experience nontheless. Since I have virtually all of the performance mods done that I want to do right now (except for the supercharger, which will come later), that means I only have my exterior mods to consider, and for those, I am taking it slowly and trying to eliminate or reduce previous issues. I think the secret is to learn patience. We will see.
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