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Originally Posted by metaman View Post
This is what happened to my upper strut mount when it was removed from the strut at 4500 miles. Had noise over speed bumps. Was replaced with the 2011 gt500 upper strut mount. Needed them with the FRPP n springs.

My stock bearings didn't look like that at all and its had me wondering.

The REPLACEMENT set I ordered, but did not use DID look like that, where if you took the halves apart the bearings fell out.

Now here's what's weird (and no I didn't snap a pic, hands were too dirty)
The strut mounts that I removed had a plastic ring cap covering the bearings. It wouldn't come off and you couldn't see the bearings at all.

We were also unable to use the replacement mounts I ordered as they didn't want to work with the eibach strut and since the stock ones looked so much better we reused them, not a clunk once. Also the part number ended in a DE or D, I can't remember...

I have an early build '11 Anyone find a similar type of mount?
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