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Originally Posted by JBert View Post
wait, supercharger actuallly INCREASED gas mileage?

that's just the info that I need to finalize my cost justification for my TVS, sign me up!

half kidding . . . this sounds too good to be true . . . keep us posted!
When I had 3.73s in the rear with the blower, I avgd about 26 mpg with the cruise set at 70 mph. When I went to 4.10s I dropped to about 23 mpg. Bone stock with cold air and tune I ran about 28.5.

Depending on the car that doesn't sound out of the norm with what I experienced.

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'07 GT auto, Stage 3 Saleen Series VI blower @9.5lbs boost. LTs, MAC Boom Tubes, 1pc Driveshaft, Eaton posi.
Brenspeed Installed and Brenspeed Tuned
Best 1/4 mile is 11.42 @ 119. Driven Daily
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