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This cracks me up!!! I have owned 2 - V6 in the last 2 years... The guys at work always pitched me **** about my V6. The one dude drives two beat up fords, a bronco II with a V6 and a Ford Ranger with a V6... One day in front of a customer I had to go off on him!!!

I was ok with the V6 cause I could not afford to drive a GT but I did some research, the gas milage is not that bad, my insurance was only going to go up $41 every 6 months, and little did I know you can actually buy one for 1k less then MSRP.

I stopped off at a dealer her locally to check out the new grabber orange GT and drove it, fell in love. However I did not want auto or the Shaker 1000 so I opted to pick up my 06 White GT. I am glad I did, its a totally different experience.

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