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Originally Posted by Tedz Pony
If you want the stick, get it. I had only known how to drive stick about a week and a half before buying mine, and I did fine. Never missed a gear or ground one, and no other problems either. Just take your time, slow down on ths shifting while you get the hang of it, and no trouble. same goes for the original poster, too.

Slow down, get the hang of it, it'll come. I found that because the stick springs to centered, if I push it forward out of 2nd and lightly reduce my hand pressure, it'll get right under 3rd to where I can just push forward without having to search for it. And I get into 3rd pretty quickly now.
Exactly if you don't search for third and let the springs center the shifter for you, you will be right under third. It took me a while to realize that though.

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