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Originally Posted by R4z3r View Post
Bumping this... it just happened to me today. They both came on randomly while driving (mind you I have a V6 not a GT...but figure no reason to make a new thread). I called and since I can't duplicate it when I want, I have to bring it in with the lights on (so I have to drive around till it comes on) then bring it in so they can get the code. Great dealer lol...

It's just getting frustrating feeling like I bring my car in to the dealer a decent amount.
Let me get this escalated to for you, R4z3r. Since I already have your VIN, please PM me with your dealer, and best daytime number so I can help.

Originally Posted by 37stangv6blue20 View Post
I'm bumping this too . I have a v6 and my car is a manual. Had advanced track message come up saying to service. Then I was driving a week later and my car drove like a bubble was in my front wheels only going 20mph. It went away and I since drove it 500 miles not another issue. Was thinking maybe related to low rpms/battery. I Dont have v8 I have a v6 and my car is manual 2011.
Hi 37stangv6blue20,

Even though you didn’t experience an adverse reaction with the ABS light coming on, I still recommend speaking to your Service Manager. He/she is in the best position to let you know if there is work needed, and about and coverage you may have for it (warranty, recall, etc.).

I’ll be happy to look into this for you if you still have questions.

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