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I think you made a wise decision Mick. My car was a long time coming too....Like 20 years long. I fell in love with a blue '66 fastback when I was 19, but had just bought a car to go to college with. I have always wondered about that car. Then came the job, a wife, move to another state, kids, starting a get the picture. Back in '01 I started to get the itch to restore a '66 fastback like I fell in love with as a kid (Hold on, I think I hear middle-age calling), when I came across photos of the concept Mustang. Well, the resto idea got dropped like a hot potato and I waited yet a couple of years more to get the '05 GT. To say I'm happy with my choice is an understatement. One of the nice things on this car is it doesn't kill me financially. Sure, I dumped a bit of money into it, and I'll dump some more. But it's still a lot less expensive than some other hobbies. Now, where did I put that West Marine/ Boat US catalog...............

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