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Originally Posted by VintageV8
Guys, many thought out responses.

I used the "stripe" issue as a generality for some of the questions asked here, not a specific. Continuing the "stripe" thing, because many seemed more comfortable with that particular subject - what I was observing was not the discussions of color, design, vendor, placement and materials etc., but an outright question for example of "should I put stripes on my car"?

I can not understand how someone can approach people they do not know and ask such a question. It is like walking up to a stranger and asking should I paint my house? How would anyone reasonably know?

Once a person makes the decison to paint, yes a question of color, material, and priming might be more appropriate.

Now, before this gets completely out of hand, I do thank you all for your comments and do / did take all seriously and will be material to think about and renew a spirit of patience and understanding. Thanks again.
Bill C
You have recieved many thoughtfull responses to you "question" which you yourself complimented on. If after reading Marcus Gt, mrvandermy, and others you still don't get it then then I don't know how you ever will.

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