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07 Shelby Mustangs for Sale in Phoenix - Price is absurd

I was at Earnhardt Ford (Tempe AZ) on Saturday picking up a cabin air filter for my 05 GT. I bought my GT from this dealer on 12-18-2004 and was the first customer to take retail delivery of a GT in Arizona. I only mention that because I have had a long relationship with the company for fleet trucks.

When the Shelby became available for ordering, I tried to place an order with Earnhardt. They wouldn't return my calls. Even the Fleet Manager I dealt with couldn't get anyone to talk with me about an order.

So, like anyone else I took my money elsewhere and await delivery of a Shelby from a very nice, small, and well run Ford Dealership in Indiana.

While picking up the parts I needed, I told the clerk that I was expecting a Shelby mid-September. He casually mentioned that the dealership had two Shelby's in stock AND that the cars remained unsold. Needless to say I found that hard to believe.

He took me over to the showroom and indeed there was a dark blue Shelby with do not touch signs all over it. He said that had a black Shelby 'out back'. Here's the kicker. You guessed it. The dealership had a $ 90k+ sticker on the car showing a $ 45,000.00 'market adjustment'.

Now I know WHY they haven't sold these cars. I guess they figure some moron with more money than brains will come in and simply write a check. Hasn't happened and won't.

On the way out of the dealership there is a booth of sales guys who try to get a last shot at you. I spoke with one of them and said it was too bad they had a $90k sticker on the Shelby since I was in the market for a Shelby and had one coming from the midwest. His reply was to say he would immediately match whatever price I was paying. I told him sorry Charlie as he got to listen to the whine of my Saleen Supercharger disappearing in the distance.

I offer no opinion as to whether or not this dealer is right or wrong in their desire to maximize profit. At the end of the day though, the market does prevail and these cars will remain unsold at a $90k sticker price.

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