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I think that we are all stuck on the tech side of this forum. Yes we all get usefull information from this forum. Especially when it's a decision that is going to cost us a pretty penny and we might not be able to reverse once the decision is made. But the bottom line is that this is a "place" that complete "strangers" can come together and share our love for maybe the one thing that some of us have in common MUSTANGS. This car does not descriminate and this forum is where we all come together and share our stories. We can come together with no color, sex, religion or origin boundaries and isn't that what it's all about? We can all communicate at a human being level where it doesn't matter if you are Mexican,American,White,Black,Woman,Man,Old,Young or anything else you can think of. That is why I presonally love this forum. Hope I didn't sound too preachy. Amen

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