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Originally Posted by AMDanBailer View Post
Sorry to hear of the troubles you're having, OP.

This is a new product and as such, there may be some kinks at first, but I'll do whatever I can to help you through it.

How many PiDs are you trying to datalog at once? It may be possible that the unit can only handle so much information/sensor activity at once. However, to be honest I'm not 100% sure.

With that said, though, I can put you in touch with our Lead Calibrator who is not only one of the best SCT tuners in the country, but he's also an APPLE freak and loves everything iPad and iPhone, so he'd be your best bet. Can you do me a favor and shoot me a PM with your most recent order number or email address? If so, I can get you in touch with him and he should be able to get you squared away in no time.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. Get back to me when you can.
I also bought an iTSX from American Muscle, and it wont let me log my A/F ratio. I get real screwy numbers and the y-axis in LiveLink is all 0's when doing logs. Im pretty disappointed because I cant log the car properly to and determine my A/F during WOT.
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