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Originally Posted by Eric The MadMan
I'm glad they're sitting on the lots! These dealers are just greedy bastards. Imports make twice the profit the domestics do. Then send it overseas.

I'll never buy from a dealer again. Good , they would probably rather not see you either. Someone who is scared, inconsiderate and CHEAP. I bought mine on the INTERNET from an autobroker. It was a smooth and pleasant experience. I ordered exactly what I wanted and waited "impatiently" for delivery to a local dealer. The autobroker's charge was 2% of MSRP, Yea, you could have paid that (or less) to a salesman so he could support his family instead you paid someone who has no continued interest in you and sent your tax dollars to another city or state. so he worked very hard to find me the best price possible....and he did. The price I paid more than covered his fee, compared to what the dealers wanted around here. I'll let the rich guys pay for the fancy showrooms and the 12 moronic sales guys on the floor.
If guy's like you were not such cheap a**holes, you would have more professional salespeople.

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