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Originally Posted by 93GT_RagTop
get ready to see a lot more of them on the road. it's a body kit offered by mr body kit. add in sept mm&ff reads: 1999-2004 PMP Roadster kit 2005-2006 conversion for only $1999.99. didn't say
anything about the lambo door being included, which is not a great loss. so much for a one of a kind car. i will stick with my fox ragtop.
i'd be surprised if i saw even one....can you imagine the ribbin you'd take with that cheap a gal wearing a big giant FAKE diamond ring...i know i'd pull along side it and laugh my ass off...then take a picture of it on the road so we can all laugh...i can only imagine what the rest of the street scene would'd better have a twin turbo pushing that car to 8 seconds or so if you want any respect drivin it
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