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Originally Posted by Kyle F
Quite SImply, Toyota makes and sales nearly 250K Camary's per year. Ford does not have this, and the Mustnag would reach a point where they are over produced. It can not be their bread and butter car because it does not attract a big enough market.
THe Fusion, or 500 could be as well as the F-150. What happened during the 90s was for all American Manufacturers, their trucks became their bread and butter. Lots of units sold and high profit margins on everyone sold. So, now with gas prices going up 300% since 1996 (10 years) and them really having no other plan you are seeing a major shift in the market. People are shifting to fuel efficient autos that the Import manufacturers have focused on for so long and finally the Larger is better SUV bubble has burst and Ford,GM, and Chrysler have not been successful in replacing that market.
Sorry for the double post.
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