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Originally Posted by pfiandra
I have a Fusion 2006 also and I agree with you about the mileage. Handles well, quiet ride, love the styling, but 221 hp is plenty for that car. There's not to many sedans over 221 hp in the Fusion price range. Toyota, Nisson and Honda are quite a bit more expensive. I think those V6's around 240 to 250 hp. I think if Ford improves the build quality a bit and used a little better quality interior materials, improved that gas mileage, at the same price, they would be a good competitor.
Just like my Mustang, in my Fusion, I thought I would help Ford out and MODIFY it...18" wheels with 245/45ZR18 tires, rear spoiler, tinted windows, custom floor mats, real hardwood dash kit and a super chip to put a few ponies under the hood. I thought about adding a supercharger for kicks. But the real issue is the overal quality is signficantly lower than that of the competition. Considering it has 221 ponies under ther hood, the throttle lag is ridiculous, the gas mileage is well over 30% less than claimed...if the car did not have sharp styling, reasonable comfort and a decent price, the car would be just another Ford Tempo.

Ford has abandoned the motto "Quality is Job 1" and now I see why.

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