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Originally Posted by pfiandra
Yeah mrvandermey, I think you have something wrong there. I'd have it checked out. Maybe that's what's causing the gas mileage issue also. I'm getting on average about 20 mpg highway and city combined.
I commute daily in mine, 50 miles each way, and I consistently get 22 mpg. The window sticker claims 32 mpg (not happening). If driving in town, I get as low as 18-19 mpg. I did go on a long trip once and I was pushing 26 mpg, but that was once. Hence why my Mustang is a "fair weathrer ride", no commuting in my baby. After driving my Stang and getting isntant response, a nearly 3 second throttle lag is down right annoying.

Here is where I think Ford needs work: Here they have a potential hot seller with sharpe looks, good ammenties and great price. But then they loose it with quality issues (mine has been in for warranty work three times), significantly less gas mileage then claimed and severe throttle issue (which may just be my car); while the competition has solid reliabilty,good gas mileage, excellent quality and the production numbers to meet demand. They are higher in price, but the customers seem to be willing to pay more for bertter quality and etc.

I am not sure how many Fusions are put out by Ford, but I am willing to bet it is signifcantly less than half that put out by any single competitor. I was hoping that Ford would truly have an "Accord killer" on their hands, like they did with the original Taurus. But in my opinion, Ford is still ways off. That being said, it is possible I just have "first year model" problems. I do know that when I bought my Fusion, it was almost as hard to come by as the Mustang (not as hard, but close).
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