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Originally Posted by roboz
Bought my wife an 05 explorer 8K miles , from a friend who bought a new diesel harley F-250 got a very good deal on it .....anyway as SUV's go it's fine ..wife loves it...quite frankly , it really didn't matter what brand it was .

As trucks & SUV's go , I think the big 3 are equal or better than anyone out there....

Sedans & ricer coupes is where they get hammered....I agree the fusion is nice but falls way short...even worse is the new impala & just about any GM from that stale platform...My Company Charger is a decent sedan ...very nice ride dynamics however ....

If I were to go 30K or less for a sedan ...No brainer
Accord , Camry , Maxima that order.....then a hemi charger...then a passat ..
Hell even the new hyundai's Sonata's & Azera's are nicer & even mazda has some decent rides.

Above 30K ...Lexus , Benz , BMW , Acura & Volvo clean their clock.

Some Caddie's are OK , Sad to say but Lincoln has NOTHING & needs a major lifeline.

Buick & Mercury .....maybe Saturn ..should go the way of Plymouth & Olds.

Unions or not ...trucks/SUV's have been a cash cow...gas is high & once again the domestics got caught w/their pants down. Sorry most of their cars are crap . Industry needs more Bob Lutz's ...real car guys....not bean counters & focus groups putting out the endless mundane junk.
roboz, you hit the nail right on the head. The domestic brands have a long row to hoe to get customer loyalty back for sub 30K sedans. They put themselves in this position. This is not the first time this has happened. In the 70's when they were building crap and there was an oil crisis. Hopefully they can pull out of this one like they did then in the 80's. It took some time.
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