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Resonator installation

So now I think I am going to try adding resonators to my 2012 V6 by myself. I took the stock pipe off the stock X-pipe. The pipes are 2-1/4" diameter. Dumb question... do I need a 2-14" outlet diameter ends on resonator or do I go 2-1/2"? Also I see the driver side pipe is flattened. I think I saw a forum somewhere saying that is normal? (I can't find that fact right now, though). Nothing was damaged underneath, so I don't think it was squashed (I bought the car used). I want to clamp the resonators on, so I guess I'll have to hammer the pipe back to round. Anything else I need to know? Think I'm getting a 18" resonator. Just wanting to ask for any tips from someone who has done this themself.

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