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Originally Posted by KonaV6 View Post
Call up a few dealerships, see what they're response is. You also have to add in the competence of the "Service Advisors" you're talking to.

Did you get any noise when shifting at high rpms? I'll shift at around 5k, and I get a lot of noise (engages fine, sounds like pressure plate?). Is this also due to our dual mass flywheel too?
I cant shift at all. wont come out of gear. I have to pick a gear I want, then start the car then drive but I can stop and go with the engine running like normal but cant pull it outta gear till i shut the engine off. its stuck in that gear. which tells me one the clutch disk is fine. two its either and issue of the clutch remaining engaged a little from a pressure plate or slave cylinder issue or something inside the transmission is messed up.

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