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To RebelTx, I'm thinking of connecting at the end of the stock x pipe. Looks like I'll have to either grind the nib on the x pipe, (that the stock clamp slips over) or maybe cut a small notch in resonator. Then, I'm hoping I can force a small angle in the resonator connection to match the turn the stock pipe has, and cut the proper length of pipe out. Since I don't weld, I'll get stainless steel muffler clamps to connect the resonator end near rear axle. Hopefully I can bend it enough to match the correct angle. The front connection I hope to use the stock clamp. The driver's side, I'll assuming I'll have to hammer the pipe connection round or use a metal pipe or cone to pound it from the inside, to round it out. Why would they make a flattened pipe? Sounds like stupid thing to do. Anyway, does this sound OK or should I just pay a muffler shop to do it? If the cost is $50- $75, I might, but I'm short on cash and clamping sounds reasonable if I'm not thinking of some major complication. I'm also thinking of a glasspacks like a thrush cherry bomb. My whole reason for this is because I don't like the drone from my Bassani axle back. The majority of replies to my exhaust drone issue is to use resonators. That or sell them and get something else (Borla touring is my choice) I'm going to get shorty headers in the next year and maybe catted x-pipe from BBK, so the sound will only increase. That's one other reason for resonators. So.. am I logical in my thinking?
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