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Originally Posted by HornyGT
dude take it easy on me, the overall look of the car is not too rice, the only rice part was the fartcan mufflers yeah, but the overall look was mean and clean, and sounds really agressive too. Also, it was attractin a lot of girls' attention. This guy modified 19 cars uptil he was 20 years old, so I guess he knows what he's doing. I wouldn't put an 'R' on my stang or cut off the hood like that, but this guy wants to make the ultimate street racer mustang, he said:"I'm in the making of a 1000kg/1000hp mustang, that's the goal". So he's not after looks anyway.
So anyway I was thinkin of the wheels coz their price is nice. anyway, I'm savin up more money hoping I wouldn't make a wrong decision.
didn't you guys read the thread, I want a good video hosting site to upload videos, if u don't want them, then whatever.
sorry...all i saw was the r and i'm a bit illiterate anyway...if youre looking for a good video uploading site is the way to go...and did you say hes hoping to build a good streetracer? cause 1000hp isnt a streetracer anymore...its a dragracer...i dont even think you can streetrace a 1000hp car

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