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Originally Posted by SterlingThunder View Post
I'm guessing guy used the oem slider connection to have a leak free setup. If the inside diameter of the resonator inlet matches the outside diameter of the sock x-pipe, the muffler camp should work.

The axleback exhaust section is straight , then curves "over" the axle and rear sway bars to meet the muffler.

3.7L Mustang BBK Headers AFTER Resonators installed - YouTube
This is a complete reconfig of the exhaust layout and likely the only way you may fit 18" resonators on our car. If you have a standard or aftermarket O/R X/H pipe in the "normal" position you can only fit 12" resonators and if you are lowered they will likely rub on wide speed bumps. Trust me after 8 shop appointments setting up my exhaust and trial and error this is the reality of it. BTW 12" are plenty, get the Vibrants. I have no rasp with my Lethal OR H!
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