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Originally Posted by mrvandermey
Just remember, even if this little black box does exist in the '05+ Mustang, it would be near impossible to get. Even if it is suphoenable, law enforcement would have to have at the very least reasonable cause, then they would need to go infront fo a judge to get the suphonea. then thye would have to have a way to deterime how accruate the information is. Even if the black box records your sppeds, in most cases, how would the black box know what the speed limit is? For example, if the black bic recorded you going 80 mph, how would it know what the speed limit is. Hence reasonable doubt. Also even if you have a Stang that is cruising at 100 mph or more, it would be up to the law enforcement agency to prove you were not on a legal race track or on private property where a speed limit may not apply. It seems to me, that if such a box does exist, just means job security for the legal system.
interestingly enough, i recently had a discussion with our DA about those boxes. She told me it required a warrant to get it unless it is a fatality accident and the driver of that vehicle is dead. (guess b/c its kinda hard to violate a dead mans rights) (or charge him for that matter) on other accidents, she did tell me we can pull it from a vehicle and seize it for evidence preservation, but that we had to obtain a warrant to access the information inside. i would think that a warrant for that would not be very hard to obtain though. for instance, if i suspect high speed was the cause of a crash, and i have skid marks or other scientific data supporting that, or witness statements, then i bet any one of our district judges would agree that i have enough PC for a warrant.

bottom line though, most PDs have accident reconstructionists (like myself) who dont need the black box to map the chain of events in an accident or prove fault on a driver. we use good ol fashioned investigative techniques backed by scientific data, and dont need a computer to tell us what happened in a accident. so to those who are sweating over the boxes....dont. i suspect if i ever pull one, it will only be to further support the findings of my investigation, and i seriously doubt many accidents will come down to the "box" being the proverbial "smoking gun."

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