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OK here's what I did today, just a dry run. I bought Dynomax Thrush glasspacks, 25 inch long, 2.25 inch diameter in/outlets. I think years ago they were called Cherrybombs, they are painted bright red. Anyway, I just loose fit them to the stock X-pipe then (again) loose fit my Bassani directly to them. They would actually look good if there wasn't a clearance problem with the gas tank. They curve out just in front of the rear wheel. Anyway, no drone, but then of course I couldn't drive the car... They really cut back on the pipey sound from the Bassanis, even to the point of making them too quiet. The other thing I have to say is, I'd have to cut twice, just before the flattened part of drivers side pipe, and just after, where it goes round again. This is the straight part of the pipe. Same thing on passenger side, without the flattened pipe. This way you fit it in the straight section of pipe, and the 25 inch fits in that section perfectly. I then have to get some sleeve type stainless clamps. They are $10 apiece but Thrush glasspacks are cheap ($22 each- Advance auto) Now, I don't know when I'll get to it, been busy this summer. Maybe a winter project. But now I know this will work. Just measure the length of the straight part of pipe, there is a lot of room, except for that stupid flat part! Hope this helps anyone who thinks they want to do themselves. People say glasspacks are not durable, but I'll take my chances.
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